Staff Directory


Photo of Nick Gale

Nick Gale


Photo of Brad van Middelkoop

Brad van Middelkoop

Vice Principal

Support Staff

Photo of Erin Chenier

Erin Chenier


Photo of Roxanne Gjerlaug

Roxanne Gjerlaug

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Maria Grimm

Maria Grimm

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Alexa Batsel

Alexa Batsel


Photo of Amy Gans

Amy Gans

MHCBE School Liaison Counsellor


Photo of Alexa Batsel

Alexa Batsel

Fine Arts

Photo of Shayla Bennett

Shayla Bennett

Photo of Gina Betker

Gina Betker

Photo of Boyd Block

Boyd Block

Photo of Jeremie Diedhiou

Jeremie Diedhiou

French Immersion Teacher

Photo of Braydon Gordon

Braydon Gordon

Fine Arts/Band Teacher

Photo of Brock Hale

Brock Hale

Regular Program & French Immersion

Photo of Dani Janzen

Dani Janzen

Special Education Facilitator

Photo of Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr

Fine Arts

Photo of Wyatt Koch

Wyatt Koch

Photo of Kayla Lukacs - ON LEAVE

Kayla Lukacs - ON LEAVE

Fine Arts

Photo of Brendan Lutz

Brendan Lutz

Photo of Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Photo of Curt Moll

Curt Moll

Athletic Director

Photo of Evan Mueller

Evan Mueller

Photo of Christina Remeikis

Christina Remeikis

Fine Arts

Photo of Caleb Robinson

Caleb Robinson

Photo of Wyatt Sehn

Wyatt Sehn

Photo of Callie Sheppard

Callie Sheppard

Photo of Andy Stroh

Andy Stroh

Learning Services

Photo of Dani Janzen

Dani Janzen

Learning Services Facilitator

Learning Assistants

Photo of Michelle Devine

Michelle Devine

Photo of Nikki Haskayne

Nikki Haskayne

Photo of Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones

Photo of Shannon Martz

Shannon Martz

Photo of Brenda McDowell

Brenda McDowell

placeholder image for Tammy Stovka

Tammy Stovka

Student Services

Photo of Krysten Campbell - ON LEAVE

Krysten Campbell - ON LEAVE

Behaviour Associate - HUB

Photo of Marina Hirning

Marina Hirning

Wellness Facilitator

Photo of Patti Wagman

Patti Wagman

CCT Coordinator

Photo of Lana Walton

Lana Walton

Behaviour Associate - HUB


placeholder image for Terry Haag

Terry Haag

Photo of Bo Knapczyk

Bo Knapczyk

Head Custodian

placeholder image for Darijan Mazur

Darijan Mazur