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Christina Remeikis

Fine Arts

The name is Mrs. Remeikis and the game is ART! I am the grade 8 homeroom, Humanities and Art teacher at St. Mary's school. I like drawing, walking my dog, sculpting, painting, watching movies, video games, chocolate, coffee, tea, history and reading lots and lots of books! I dislike stick men drawings (that stuff ends when you have me for art) , having wet socks, raisins and rudeness. I totally believe that anyone can better their art skills and can be coached to create and learn beautiful art. I get right in there, get messy, and give some advice, show some techniques and help you improve your knowledge and skills so you can then take what you learn and use it for your own artwork. We are going to create some amazing  and challenging things but no worries, I am with you every step of the way! See you soon my awesome people!