Photo Gallery

Terry Fox Walk

Always love walking to the Saamis Tepee on a beautiful, sunny day. 

Fine Arts Day

Fine Arts students were treated to an afternoon of watching a Calgary performance of the musical Annie. Of course there was pizza....

Beard Fundraiser

The gentlemen on staff were asked to grow out their facial hair in November. Students were asked to raise money for the Medicine Hat Health Foundation. If enough money was raised, the men would shave their faces to whatever pattern was pre-determined at the start of the fundraiser.

Staff Candids

Our staff at St. Mary's loves their job and loves to goof around (when appropriate). 

Turket Trot

An annual event at St. Mary's the week before the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Students predict how long it will take them to run or walk (or both) around a pre-determined track. The six closest times win a turkey!

Walkin' in the Coulee

We are so lucky to be situated on the edge of Kin Coulee. So many beautiful places to walk!

Fetal Pig Dissection

Science 8 classes dissecting fetal pigs. 

Foods Class

What is Mr. Robinson going to cook up today?