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April 6 - Monday Morning Memo

  1. On behalf of the staff of St. Mary’s, thank you for the support you have given your child during these first two weeks of online learning.  I know the learning curve is steep as it is for us as well, but we are all in this together, to help our students to learn as best they can under the circumstances. If you or your child are still struggling with how to access the classroom assignments or with handing in assignments, please contact their teacher with them and ask them to lead you through it.  Teachers are available during the normal school day to assist with technical issues and core class work. If they can’t solve your technical issue they will be able to find someone who can.
  2. It has come to our attention that some students may be accessing GoogleMeets by dialing in with a phone instead of joining through the actual Google meeting.  It is very important that your child not do this as the phone numbers are not local and you could be charged for long distance. If you are unable to join a Google classroom directly with your device it is possible to have Google call you for the meeting toll free.  We will send step by step instructions on how to do this at your request, but in the meantime it’s best for students not to dial into their GoogleMeets.
  3. Did you know your child can access Google Classroom using their XBOX or PLAYSTATION?  Well nor did I, but this was shared with me so I had one of our young teachers who has these devices check it out. He says it works! Click Here!
  4. In the spirit of global learning and accessibility, FranklinCovey has developed a Family Resource page for parents who are working with their children at home. This resource bundle is now accessible without a password. This means, you can access it now at:  It includes family-friendly and bite-sized videos of principle/habit lessons, 7habits cartoon series, 7habits mini activities, and student speeches from the student leadership speech contest! 
  5. We have begun processing Badminton fee refunds.  If you paid using School Cash OnLine, you will be reimbursed by the method you paid the fee.  If you paid using cash, Point of Sale machine or cheque, we will need to requisition a cheque from MHCBE that will be mailed to you in the next couple of weeks.
  6. Registration for the 2020/21 school year is open and ongoing.  Most of you have registered and have had your registrations approved, thank you.   We realize that this process took a “backseat” to the business that we all plunged into, but we hope you get a chance to get to this process soon.  If you have any questions or would like help with the online registration process please email and she’ll be happy to guide you through it.
  7. The last few weeks have been something that none of us have ever experienced.  In some cases, families are experiencing job/income loss and may be having difficulty keeping up with basic needs.  If this includes your family, please email one of the contacts at the bottom of this communication for information about what types of supports may be available.
  8. If your child is having difficulty accessing their online classroom because of a lack of technology in the home, please contact Mr. Weisgerber this week.  Last chance to access a school loaned Chromebook will be this Wednesday.

Previously communicated but still important!

  1. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times. Staff at St. Mary’s have been working very hard to ensure the safety of the people in our school community while planning and preparing to continue to provide services and an education to our students. 
  2. By now, all students should have logged into each of their Google Classrooms and be completing and handing in assignments, quizzes and exams.  Teachers are receiving these by various methods, so your child should discuss this with their teacher. Some things to remember: 
    • Google classroom is only supported by the Google Chrome browser (please make sure you are using Google Chrome)
    • Make sure students sign in and sign out of their own ( account student account from Google Chrome and not a parent’s or sibling’s
    • Google Classroom is for students only
  3. Teachers are continuing to provide students with online Religion classwork in addition to 10 hours of other core classwork, as directed by the Minister of Education.  This means the teachers will be trimming down the remaining curriculum outcomes to what is critical yet manageable.
  4. Our primary goal is to ensure students continue to learn and prepare for the next grade.  Students and parents have been asking about assessment of the online learning. Beginning today, teachers will be entering marks into a new term, in Power School.  You will see a mark from your school based learning (F1) seperate from the online learning (R3). The online learning mark will be blended with the school learning mark to determine a final grade in June.  So the short answer is: “yes! This is for marks!”
  5. Internet for good - Is a program that helps families who have difficulty getting the internet into their home for financial reasons.  If you qualify, Telus will provide you with an Internet connection for $9.95/month for the next twenty four months. MHCBE will cover this cost for the first three months.  Click on the Internet for good  link for more information.
  6. Alternate Delivery of Classes: click here for your Google Guide
    • Students should be checking their MHCBE email using the same login information they would use when at a computer at the school. This can be done by going to and signing in with the username and using the student’s password.  Password and sign-in inquiries can be sent to
    •  Students have been put into Google Classrooms for each of their core subjects. The same login information as above is used to access  Google Classroom. Please check to make sure you are in each of your core classes. Here is a Parents guide to Google Classroom 
    • Teacher/student Contact - Within each Google Classroom, teachers have set up ‘office hours’. These are the times when teachers will be available live to answer questions and help students. Google Meet will be used to make this happen. Again, students should use the same login credentials. Additionally, teachers will be working and planning, and respond to Google Classroom posts and emails within 2 hours during school days (9am - 3pm)
    • Please ensure that you log into Google classroom daily. If you are unable to access, please contact your teacher by email.
    • Moving forward, the emphasis will be on ensuring our students continue to learn and prepare for the next grade.  Parents and students will need to become engaged in the process to ensure its success. 
  7. Support and resources within the community 
    • Mrs. Gans has created a HUB Google Classroom - if you access the HUB while at school, look to be added to that Google Classroom!
    • Mrs. Sheppard, our school counselor,  is continuing to be in touch with students who require counseling services
    • Continue to watch the MHCBE webpage and the St. Mary’s webpage for resources
  8. Fees/Refunds - click here to read communication from the district 
  9. The school will remain closed to students, parents, and the public until further notice.
  10. Important Contacts:


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