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St. Mary’s School Families,

Thank you for your patience as we sort out the details of the news that was presented to us on November 24. Although this has created some challenges and many changes, I feel that our staff is well prepared to engage our students in meaningful instruction during the next 4 weeks.

Your students' experience will be significantly different from last spring's “emergency education”. Online Learning will begin on Monday, November 30 and your student will receive a new timetable that will indicate when they need to attend their digital classes. Some may notice that their instructor has changed for a given course. In a limited number of situations this was necessary to accommodate scheduling and equitable teacher workloads. Beginning Monday morning students will log into their course specific google classroom and click on the google meet link contained in the title bar of the Google classroom (below the class name in large font). Students will need to do this for each of their five classes each day.

Students will receive daily instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion and Wellness. During the Religion and Wellness period students will receive their regular daily Religion instruction as well as daily physical activity, and mental wellness strategies. We have reorganized our daily timetable to include seven, 35 minute classes. Following each class there is a 10 minute break to allow students to stretch, use the facilities, and regroup for their next class. Additionally we have scheduled an hour and fifteen minute lunch break.

Students will be assigned to attend 5 of the 7 class periods each day (there are separate schedules for our Fine Arts Academy and French Immersion Students that vary from this standard). The remaining 2 classes are intended for students to complete work or connect individually with teachers for additional assistance. Additionally, we are working on creating several online CTS options that will become available during the second week of digital learning that students could work on during this time.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the assigned class times. Students are responsible to attend every class and the office will be following up on students who are absent. If your student is unable to attend class, due to illness or other personal circumstances, please call the school office as you have done in the past.

Chromebooks are available to be loaned to our students who do not have access to appropriate technology at home. Attached to this communication is our school division Chromebook take home agreement. Please complete and return this form if your child needs a Chromebook.

It is our intention for students to continue on their education as near to normal as possible. Teachers will provide live lessons, have discussions, and allow time for work to be completed as you would in a regular school day. Although this learning is being conducted digitally it is our intention to ensure students are not solely on their computers for 6 consecutive hours. It is our hope that the breaks between classes, and the unassigned classes will allow for students to be active during the day while having time to complete their work in a supported environment.

If you have any questions please contact your classroom teacher or either of the school administrators for additional information.


Mr. Nick Gale, Principal
Mr. Brad van Middelkoop, Vice-Principal

Click Here for the the Chromebook Agreement.

Click Here for the Online information dates.

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