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May 25 - Monday Morning Memo

  1. Registration for the 2020/21 school year is open and ongoing.  Most of you have registered and have had your registrations approved, thank you.   Completed registrations are used to allocate staffing, so it is important to get these completed as soon as possible.   To register, please follow the instructions on our St.Mary’s home page. If you have any questions or would like help with the online registration process please email and she’ll be happy to guide you through it.
  2. Teachers are continuing to provide students with approximately 10 hours of core classwork/week, as directed by the Minister of Education.  This means the teachers will be trimming down the remaining curriculum outcomes to what is critical yet manageable.  If your child is finding the workload unmanageable, please encourage them to discuss this with their teacher.
  3. NEW: Weekly Brown Bag Lunch "Super Packs" will be available to all children over the age of six from all three of our local school districts and will include healthy and easy options for your child’s lunches. Each Brown Bag Lunch package will also include printed recipes and a link that will take them to a YouTube video with cooking instructions and ideas for what to do with their lunch package when they receive it. Learn more: Click Here
  4. Google Classroom FAQ for Parents - are you getting Google Classroom update emails? Read here!
  5. The ministry of education has presented three possible scenarios for September.  We will continue to communicate as more information becomes available.
    • ​Back to normal in September
    • Students alternating in the building every second day, or something similar (this is the most likely scenario at this point)
    • School buildings remain closed
  6. Support and resources within the community 
    • Mrs. Gans has created a HUB Google Classroom - if you access the HUB while at school, look to be added to that Google Classroom!
    • Mrs. Sheppard, our school counselor,  is continuing to be in touch with students who require counseling services
    • Brown Bag Lunch Program
    • Continue to watch the MHCBE webpage and the St. Mary’s webpage for resources
  7. Fees/Refunds - Over the next week, Fine Arts Academy and Band Fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.  As school was closed mid March, fees have been prorated at 65% (35% refund).  If paid through School Cash Online, refund will go directly back to the form of payment made in that account.  If fees were paid by any other method a refund cheque will be mailed.  Thank you for your patience with this process.
  8. The school will remain closed to students, parents, and the public until further notice.
  9. Important Contacts:


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